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High Charity Networks began in November of 2017 with a small group of friends deciding that they were tired of the same copy and paste servers that existed in the Gmod community. With just 7 people, and $20 sitting in a Paypal account, HCN opened it’s first server: Covenant RP. More than just a community, HCN decided it wanted to bring the best experience to players possible. That meant removing any paid mechanics that gave one player advantage over the other, creating a discord free of toxic and negative behavior, and sparing no expense to provide the most immersive experience possible. Unlike other communities, HCN spent no time worrying about size and money and, instead, focused its attention on setting an example for other servers to follow. HCN recognizes the one thing that many servers do not, the player comes first.

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For those who have some spare change to support HCN
  • Custom Discord Tag
  • Custom Discord Channel and Tag

Covenant RP

Support the campaign against the humans
  • Custom Characters
  • In-game Extras

Galactic Civil War

Instill order as the Empire, or fight tyranny as the Rebellion
  • Alpha Testing
  • Map Support

Clone Wars

Fight alongside your brothers for the Republic
  • Alpha Testing
  • In-game Extras